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Nov 18, 2012 6:00am PST
philip marks are about to help us make that point. >> are you guys coming up here? reporter: new york city has always taken pride in its culture, so it's only fitting that at this trendy new spot, the cultures are alive and active. it is a yogurt shop, after all. >> the goal of this cafe was really to show the possibilities of yogurt. >> reporter: you heard him. fermted milk is now center stage in one of manhattan's chicest neighborhoods. john heath heads innovation at chobani's. what's the best seller. >> pistachio with chocolate and orange. i mean people absolutely love that one. >> reporter: it's the brand new face of an age old product thousands of years ago, notice mads are thought to have first discovered yogurt. today chobani's chefs say they're discovering it all over again. >> so here we have some cucumber, some ol i have been oil, a little bit of salt and just pure simple yogurt. >> reporter: at the heart of every recipe is chobani's greek yogurt, strained to remove the whey and water. >> thicker. creamy. it adds a great texture. >> reporter: from richness comes riches. chobani is no
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
are cleaning up and pumping flood waters back into the atlantic. on new york's statten island, anger is growing. despite the controversial cancellation late friday of the new york city marathon which was set for today. >> there are other things that are more pressing than a marathon. >> everybody is forgetting about us. >> reporter: 90% of the new york subway system is expected to be running today. and lights are on in most of manhattan. yet in tom's river, new jersey, frank and anita donnelly are are enduring their seventh day without electricity or hot water. >> i see a lot of this happening in different parts of the country. i think, oh, they'll make it. until it happens to you and it takes everything out of you. >> reporter: in neighborhoods like this one hard hit by the storm, you either have people who are now displaced from their homes in shelters or they're in damaged homes trying to ride this out with no electricity and no heat. that is getting harder by the day because temperatures at night are now falling into the low 30s. of course there's an election coming on tuesday. the state of new jersey just announced that some of those people who are displaced by the stor
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
twin towers, against the night sky. >> it's almost a celebration of what new york is to me. a love poem or sonnet to the city that i love so much. >> reporter: this is central park the day and night after an ice storm. here's how he does it. >> you never really know what you're going to see until you get up above it. that's when it gets so exciting. >> reporter: to get that bird's eye view, wilkes rents a bucket truck named after a bird, the condor. >> i tell my wife, you know what? instead of that sports car when i'm, you know, 60, maybe a condor would be nice. my own private one snr you want your very own bucket truck. >> yeah, my own bucket truck. reporter: it's dawn on a cold morning again in central park. last fall. >> you can see this is starting already beginning to happen up here with the light and everything that's coming on. >> reporter: that's beautiful. isn't that... yeah, yeah beings right here. >> reporter: wow. the weather forecast. sun and, as important, no wind. >> my eyes are always scanning the scene. i mean i'm really never... we're talking now and i'm already like getting jumpy. i got to get
Nov 25, 2012 6:00am PST
. familiar faces with the millions of people lining the streets of new york city and watching at home on tv. in a turkey day tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> macy's is proud to present a special balloon created especially for today by the internationally acclaimed artist known in the art community as kaws. >> reporter: among them was a balloon many people might not know. his name is companion, a gray-and-white creature who is a little too shy to show his face. but those who have seen his face are obsessed with the character and the man who created him. >> this is like a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity. >> reporter: k.a.w.s., k-a-w-s, a painter and designer we first met four years ago who is now one of art's biggest draws. it wasn't all that long ago that the 38-year-old kaws was just another mischevious kid. he found his artistic voice through the illegal painting of graffiti. >> i just started simply through graffiti and drawing on my skateboard, painting walls and getting that small recognition. >> reporter: to his family he's known as brian donnelly. he grew
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)